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Why is my PC Slow

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Love on first sight…  

After buying a New Computer or laptop, do you remember opening it for the first time?

The first look, the first feel, the excitement…… but most important, the first boot up. The sound of the fans, the boot up screen, those cute little beeps and then it slowly brightens up. . .

The Desktop. . . Clear, Vibrant, Empty but clean. The sound is Crystal, The Keyboard is Crispy and surprisingly clean without any food stuck in between, the touchpad is touch responsive and picks up even the slightest glide. Every program you open every file you access is smooth and quick. Makes you fall in Love to that technological marvel

You reach work place, brag about the laptop, the experience, start your work, save files. Documents music, projects new softwares. You bring your laptop to new places outdoor meetings, coffee places connect to different networks. but something is off. It takes time to start software, searching and opening files take ages or saving work files, and suddenly. . .

. . . It’s just too slow and unresponsive.

Even if you organize your work files and wipe that
monitor clean every day, there are other stuff that makes your PC sick and
slow. We will be going through some issues you can resolve to make things
smooth again

What makes it Slow? Everything in life requires maintenance of some kind.

As the world is inching towards Digital future, faster computers are needed more than ever. But a machine needs Maintenance to keep up the pace. Maintenance may sound technical, but we all do some kind every day, eating healthy, taking a bath, sleeping on time, going for a walk, Having supplements etc…

Computers, even though Complex to study and build, are simple to understand and fix if it gets Buggy.

So note these things and get ready to fix  your PC

The Good      -Simple
  • Need restart: Essential Powernap
  • Start-up Apps: Early bird gets the RAM
  • Power mode: or Diet mode
  • Defragmentation: Magic Sorting
  • Animations and visualisation: The Cost of Beauty
  • Too many Apps: Crowd control
  • Disk MAXED OUT : No place to run
The Bad      -Decision
  • Rouge unchecked : Greedy App
  • Malware and Virus: *Cough*Sniff*
  • Crypto Mining: The PuppetMaster
  • Outdated Drivers: ###
  • Updates: The good the bad the Doubtfull
  • Browser Addons: The Hogger
And the Ugly      -Truth
  • Clogged Fan: Dust Bunnies
  • Failure of Parts: The Inevitable
  • Old to handle new trends
  • Upgrade: Old Dog, New Tricks

1. Need Restart : Essential Powernap

Ever felt too much stressed at
work, or just too tired. Ever thought your mind is too much occupied that you
cant think straight, and taking a small rest or nap might fix…

Well don’t forget to turn your
PC off once in a while, instead of the Sleep mode which thou sound resting
…but it’s not.


When you close the Laptop lid or choose sleep mode, the running processes are just
dumped from RAM to storage and PC goes in a Very low power mode where all the
functions are almost closed but still needs power for quick wakeup and will
wake even with the slightest interaction

You see the Processes in your PC use something called “Cache memory” which will store data for the running app, and will be cleared when closed. this cache will grow in size and eventually take a chunk of RAM which is needed for basically all the Processes to run, a restart will delete these cache and reset few programs to start position Clearing up the RAM and making way for programs to cache their memory, finish update processes which might be halted and your PC will feel fresh again.

Cold Reboot Vs Warm Reboot

2. Startup Apps : Early bird get the RAM

As we said that the PC will feel fresh after a Restart make sure that only essential Apps are started from the start or some unnecessary program will take lot of processing power and leave less for essential programs that you need

3. Power Diet mode : The UnderVolt

Every component in your PC needs power to work, some more than other. On Desktop this usually is not an issue but a common overlook in laptops and tablets PC that run on battery

In a City, Roads or Express highways play an important roll for all kind of transports, connecting the various part of the city for it to function properly. In a computer there’s something like that…In IT terms we call it “PCI Express”.

It keeps a Constant link between the Various Hardware and Software within the PC, so when you click or enter some command to access a Hardware or program, the result is instant

But it needs POWER and RAM constantly. Wait but what if we are not using the Hardware like mouse or keyboard. Still in order to maintain this constant link, your PC has to send dummy information.

Power saving Mode when activated will Put some of these link to stop. And when you need them, just click. The link will be establish with slight delay, not very noticeable and will only have a higher amount of latency when you first enable the links then its smooth ride

Each Point in Detail….

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